What is Grit and Why it is Important for Fitness

Ever wondered how bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts achieve their dream bodies? You might think that it is because they have the money to do so, but Fitness can actually be achieved by anyone.

So, what separates the bodybuilders or people with great physiques from seemingly unfit people? It actually is just one word and that is grit.

In this article, I will talk about what grit is and why it is so important if you want to better yourself physically.

What is grit? Grit, also known as mental toughness, is the ability of a person to push through the challenges no matter what it takes.

You’ve probably now got the idea why Grit is so important, especially in the field of fitness.

Grit is important because it is tied to consistency. I strongly believe that Fitness is a life-long commitment. You can’t just follow a certain diet and just be done with it after a certain period of time.

You have to consistently follow the diet throughout the rest of your life to enjoy a fit physique.

Research has shown time and again that people who have grit are the ones who are successful in achieving their dream bodies.

Before I started going to the gym, I never envisioned myself that I am going to make it. I just thought that I would last only 2 months in. But, because of my grit, I am, to this day, going to the gym to better myself.

Grit is also tied to perseverance. People with more grit persevere and do whatever it takes to achieve a certain goal, which is in this case, your overall health and fitness.

Mental toughness is not just applicable in fitness; it also applies in various aspects in your life. Grit can be used in your work, your school life, in sports, and in just about anything that requires effort.

Now that you know what grit is and why it is important for fitness, how do you actually build it? I am glad you asked! Here are some tips to build grit:

  1. Think of the Long Term. We live in a world where we always want to get the results then and there. We love to have short term goals with short term results. But, to develop your mental toughness, you need to define your long term goals. Think getting fit as an example. You know it is hard, you know that you won’t get immediate results, but in the long term, you will reap the benefits. Thinking about the long term will help develop your mental toughness.
  2. Develop Grit Slowly by doing Small things. Grit can be developed over time. There is no magic switch to increase your mental toughness manifold. Grit is akin to a muscle; you need to continue working on it so that it develops. By doing small things and acquiring small wins, say doing 10 reps per set as opposed to your usual 8 reps, over time, you will reap the benefits of being mentally tougher than you were a couple of months ago.
  3. Make it a habit. Grit can also be exercised if you make good habits. And when I say good habits, I meant habits that can improve yourself in the long run. Oftentimes, good habits are harder to do, which in turn, develops your mental toughness if you religiously build them.

I hope that this article has helped you know what Grit is and why it is important in your life, especially when it comes to fitness.

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