Pokemon Dating App


Nintendo and Niantic might have struck gold with the creation and the release of the Pokemon Go. As of the time of writing, the game has garnered over 100+ million downloads on the Google Play Store and on the Apple app store.

With this much success, it is not surprising that a lot of companies will piggyback on the popular game.

Today, I am going to talk about the Pokemon Dating app called “Pokedates”. This is a dating app that was made by a company called “Project Fixup”.

Now, let me be clear here; this app has nothing to do with the actual Pokemon Go game but, rather, it is an entirely new app specifically for dating.

You see, Pokemon Go is a massive success not only because of the gameplay but also because of the social factors that come to play.

Since the game encourages you to go outside, you will also come across a lot of people who play the game as well. This, in turn, will allow you to interact with different people and you can then be friends with them and what have you.

Since this is the case with most Pokemon Go players, Project Fixup actually came up with the idea of creating a dating app under the guise of the popular franchise.

Anyway, what is this Pokedates app? Well, this is a social dating app much like Tinder but with unique features of its own.

Here is it how it works:

  1. The first thing that happens with the Pokedates app is that it will ask you a series of questions about yourself. After asking some preset questions, you will then finish your profile with pertinent information about yourself. After you’ve input the necessary data, a “PokeSpecialist” or dating specialist will review your profile and they will notify you if your profile is good or it needs revising to make your profile enticing for other people.
  2. Next, indicate the times that you will be available. For example, you’re available 6-10 PM on weekdays. The Pokedates app will then share your schedule into its database and they will search for people of the opposite gender that will match your schedule.
  3. Once you get a “PokeMatch”, aka a potential date, you will then be notified by email that someone is interested in meeting up with you. You will then set up the date, time, and place where the both of you will meet up.
  4. Then, once you meet up with your date, you can then communicate with the app that the date was successful and it will prompt you to have fun with your PokeMatch.

It is important to note that the first successful Pokedate will be completely free of charge. The subsequent ones will be charged for about $20.

This is a very interesting way to entice people to meet up and play Pokemon Go. This is also an interesting way to meet up and actually have a long-lasting relationship with someone as well.

If you are interested, head on over to Project Fixup’s Pokedates website so that you will know more about this dating app.

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