Hoverboards – are they worth the price?

Hoverboards can often be very expensive, as the electronics and battery inside are often of the newest kind, to allow hours of use. In this blog post I aim to talk about why you should not go cheap on your hoverboard, explaining the safety risks associated with the cheaper options.

Hoverboards use built in batteries to power the boards, with the majority of the reputable batteries coming from the manufacturer Samsung, these batteries should be accompanied by the correct safety measures to ensure the batteries do not overheat or explode once plugged in.

There have been cases with cheaper hoverboards of manufacturers cutting corners and thus the boards have been susceptible to catching fire when in use, which as im sure you would agree would put anyone off using them. But you must remember that cutting corners with safety features is why these boards are so cheap, and therefore you should only choose reputable companies that can assure you that they meet all the required regulations.

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