Getting the most from the r4 card

Since 2004, the Nintendo DS has dominated the portable gaming industry both in the United States and Abroad. From the United States, Europe, and Japan, avid gaming enthusiasts have taken their interests to the next level. One way that people have gotten even more out of the game is by connecting it to their own wireless network, as well as linked accounts. In addition, some smart gamers have also used an R4 card to increase the features available to them both through their account and through third party software. If you are looking to get more out of your DS, then read on!



Configure Your Wireless Access


There is an enormous amount of downloadable content available for the Nintendo DS. By going through the configuration and setting up your device wirelessly, you can benefit from all of these free to use, free to pay, and small charge opportunities. In addition, you can use an R4 Card to increase your options, adding purchase histories, game libraries and many other features to your DS. The options available are only limited to the creativity of the program designers for the R4.



Link Your Account


Though many people don’t bother linking their account, it can be a great way to get free stuff. How? As you purchase games through the Nintendo DS online system, you accrue points that can be spent on many different things via the store. Claiming these goodies is the best way to make full use of your DS experience.

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How the R4 Card Can Help


It is no secret that R4 Cards can help make the DS a more varied and interesting portable gaming device. Included are a few ways that it helps with wireless connectivity and account settings.


Many R4 Cards can be designed to show more stats regarding play. Where as the wireless account may not have this set up, you can use an R4 card to keep track of and then broadcast your stats for any games they are programed to watch. This way, you can see exactly how good your game is. These special programs designed for specific games can also add more features, and even provide useful cheats and added versatility to the experience. Finally, R4 Cards can be designed to have additional wireless features, making it easier for the Nintendo DS to connect to multiple wireless routers.

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