Electronic Music History Discussion

History / Sunday, May 29th, 2022

What makes electronic music unique?

Its futurism.

Whoa, that was a short answer, wasn’t it?

Still, it’s pretty much the truth and the goal that electronic music seeks to achieve with its rather unconventional style and sound.

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Since its mere starting days, it was supposed to be a statement about and for the future, a sound of a whole new era, and also a way for the composers to express their emotions as with any other type of music but through a less known medium that would become the most original that they could be with one’s contribution.

Maybe not all of the exceptional qualities of electronic music are worthy of admiration in everybody’s eyes. Or, in this case, ears.

electronic music

Synthetic sounds can indeed be perceived as mechanical or unnatural (in the sense unpleasant), but the charm of them is that… well… you can create just any sound that you want.

Whatever you want. You can make your imagination talk thanks to the ever-changing and evolving technology.

Has it ever happened to you when you close your eyes and see a bunch of colors? It’s called phosphene. Now imagine if you could make those colors into music.

Imagine creating a sound that’s inspired by a color. A sound that reminds you of color. A whole wave of colors! That’s quite easy to achieve through electronic music.


As I said, technology is always changing and growing and coming up with brand new functions for us to come up with new ideas – which usually also involve expanding technology even furthermore. With such tools at our disposal, we can make all sorts of combinations to create just one sound. Then we can make yet another sound. Then mix them. Then one after the other and we could make a song out of something that has never been heard before.

That’s what electronic music is about. It’s about freedom, revolution, imagination, and complexity. Expressing different emotions that can be felt all at once without letting just one of them take the lead.

There does not have to be love songs, sad songs, or danceable songs. Just one song could be all of those if that’s how the composer feels if that’s what the music is supposed to transmit to the listener. It’s all supposed to be a story with a plot and developing itself through different stages, something that’s not easy for every artist to achieve through a song with an established, repetitive chorus, (no matter how good the lyrics or the rhythm are.)

While it is true that electronic music is not for everybody’s tastes, you can ask around and the common answer you might get is that electronic music reminds people of colorful lights and all things sci-fi. It’s an aesthetic and a reputation of its own, it’s something that can be easily related to something that stimulates your mind and can make you feel something independently of what it is.

Uniqueness relies on making people feel something. That’s what all art is about. If you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you, so please contact us today.  Also, don’t forget to visit our sponsor for all of your collection agency needs.