The History of the Electrical Breaker


Humanity’s most popular and reliable source of power over the last 100 years is electricity. During this period, worldwide demand has tripled and quadrupled with electricity availability and access cited as a major determinant of Gross Domestic Product across countries. With rising demand, reliable infrastructure for the production and distribution of electricity within and beyond countries has been a great challenge. As the saying goes, the necessity or challenge of what is technically known as short circuits or power overload inspired, as early as 1879, the invention of the Electrical Breaker, popularly known as the circuit breaker.

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March 29, 2018

The History of The Oil Well Pumpjack


The Pumpjack

The overground drive for a countering piston in an oil rig, a pumpjack is used to automatically lift oil out of the well if insufficient bottom-hole pressure exists for the liquid to course all the way to the surface. Pumpjacks have been pumping oil for decades, and although some differences of opinion prevail as to the history of the oil well pumpjack, its construction can be approximated to the 1850’s. However, the pumpjack didn’t enter the fray until almost seventy years later.

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March 15, 2018